Special Bus Features

“Kneeling” Buses, Public Address Systems and Wheelchair Lifts

Each RTC RIDE bus has a front-end “kneeling” feature that lowers the first step to curb level for easier access by people who have difficulty climbing stairs. Just ask the driver to have the bus “kneel” for you.

In addition, all of our buses are equipped with either front door wheelchair access or wheelchair lifts located at the rear door of the bus, which are operated by the bus driver. Passengers in wheelchairs are loaded first and the driver will assist in securing your wheelchair. All RTC RIDE buses have two secured wheelchair areas. A free program is available for all riders who use mobility devices. The “Secure Safe” Program identifies key securement points on various types of mobility aids by marking them with heavy-duty straps and/or colored tape.

All RTC RIDE buses have a public address system for stop, transfer and other announcements.

Please remember, the front seats are reserved for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Transit is an affordable, safe and convenient way for seniors to maintain their independence. However, for new riders who have mobility issues, it can sometimes be intimidating – that’s why the RTC provides this training.  Mobility travel training emphasizes safety while building confidence. Seniors are able to practice using ramps and lifts for loading wheelchairs onto a RTC RIDE bus. Instructors are also on-hand to help explain how to read bus schedules, plan trips and answer questions.

Free mobility travel training is available from the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living. Call 775-353-3599 (TTY 775-353-3588.)