Washoe Senior Ride

What is Washoe Senior Ride?

Washoe Senior Ride (WSR) is a subsidized taxi program of the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) and is funded by the ¼% of Washoe County sales tax that is allocated for public transportation. WSR provides alternative, reliable and affordable transportation to Washoe County residents who are 60 years and older, RTC ACCESS client (any age) and Washoe County Veterans (any age).

Each month WSR participants may purchase up to $60 worth of taxi fares for just $15.  Participants are issued a RTC WSR CardONE reloadable card, which can be used to pay any part of a taxi fare. The WSR CardONE card cannot be used to tip the driver. This program and the subsidy are subject to available funding and may be changed or terminated by the RTC.

Where can I apply for Washoe Senior Ride?

  • RTC 4th Street Station, 200 E 4th Street, Reno.
    Hours: 8 AM to 11: 30 AM and 1 PM to 4 PM Monday-Friday
    Phone: 775-348-RIDE (7433)
  • RTC Centennial Plaza, 1421 Victorian Avenue, Sparks.
    Hours: 8 AM to 11: 30 AM and 1 PM to 4 PM Monday-Friday
    Phone – 775-348-RIDE (7433)

Applicants 60 and over need to bring a government-issued photo identification, proof of age and Washoe County residency to one of the locations listed above.  RTC ACCESS clients and Veterans simply need to bring their current ACCESS or Veteran ID card. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued an RTC WSR reloadable card.  Only you can use your RTC WSR CardONE card—it is non-transferable and non-refundable.

How to load taxi fare into my RTC WSR CardONE card

You may load up to $60 of taxi fare value once per month. You can load your RTC WSR CardONE card by mail, in person or online.

To Reload your card:

By Mail: Send a Money Order or Cashier’s Check with your name, address, telephone number and WSR ID # to RTC Taxi Bucks Order 200 E. 4th St. Reno NV 89501. Cash or personal checks are not accepted. 

In Person: You may add taxi fare value to your RTC WSR CardONE card using Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s Check at RTC 4th Street Station or Centennial Plaza. Hours: 8 AM – 12 PM & 1 – 5 PM Monday-Friday.

Online: To add taxi fare value to your RTC WSR CardONE card by credit card (American Express, Discover Card, Visa Card or MasterCard).
Instructions: In the Card Number field use your CardONE card number.

To check your card balance:

Taxi Fare Value Limit

The maximum taxi fare value you can accrue in your RTC WSR CardONE card account is $180. If you place an order that would exceed this limit, your payment will be returned to you. Once you have used some of your accrued taxi fare value, you can place a new order.

How do I use my RTC WSR CardONE card?

All WSR trips must begin and end within the Washoe County boundary. Call the taxi companies directly to schedule your rides and only the participating taxi companies will accept the RTC WSR CardONE card to pay all or part of the fare. Please tell the dispatcher whether you use a wheelchair, scooter or other mobility device.

Participating Taxi Companies are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

  • Reno/Sparks Cab Co. – 333-3333
  • Whittlesea Taxi Co. – 322-2222
  • Yellow Cab Co. – 355-3555

When using your RTC WSR CardONE card, you may use up to $60 in taxi fare value per trip for taxi fare payment. If your taxi fare is over $60, you must pay the additional fare by cash or credit card. When you get into the taxi, let the driver know that you will be paying your ride with your RTC WSR CardONE card. If you do not let the driver know at the beginning of your trip, you will be required to pay the entire fare by cash or credit card. If your RTC WSR CardONE card does not have a picture on it, you will also need to show the driver government-issued photo identification. The name on the identification must match the name on the RTC WSR CardONE card.

At the end of the trip, the taxi driver will swipe your RTC WSR CardONE card through the meter to determine the total fare and give you a receipt showing the fare, the amount paid from your WSR account, any other amounts paid and the balance remaining in your RTC WSR CardONE card. The taxi driver will then hand your RTC WSR CardONE card back to you along with the receipt.

What if I have a complaint about my taxi ride?

If a driver refuses to accept your RTC WSR CardONE card or you have any other concerns with the driver or taxi service, you should file a formal complaint with the Nevada Transportation Authority at (775) 687-9790 or visit nta.nv.gov.

What Else Should I Know?

  • You cannot chain trips; you must wait at least 10 minutes between WSR trips.
  • Drivers cannot wait and then resume travel on the same WSR ride.
  • WSR will not pay for wait time during/between trips or surcharges.
  • No refunds for unused RTC WSR CardONE card taxi fare value.
  • RTC WSR CardONE card are not valid on RTC RIDE and/or RTC ACCESS.
  • RTC WSR CardONE card may only be used by the registered participants and cannot be given or sold to someone else. It is non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable.
  • Anyone abusing the program will be barred from participating in the program permanently.
  • Users are responsible for scheduling, changing, and canceling taxi trip reservations.
  • Be sure to let the taxi dispatcher know that you will be paying with RTC.
  • WSR CardONE card when you call to schedule a pick-up.
  • RTC reserves the right to limit WSR Taxi Fare Value sales based on availability.
  • This program and the subsidy are subject to change or termination at any time.

What if I lose my RTC CardONE card?

If your card is lost or stolen, call RTC Customer Service at (775) 348-0477 right away to deactivate your card. RTC is not responsible for replacing unauthorized rides that were taken before the card was reported missing. To request for replacement card, call RTC Customer Service at (775) 348-0477. There is a $5 charge for a replacement card.

Questions or to find out your RTC WSR CardONE card account balance, call RTC Customer Service at 775-348-0477.