Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Service Improvements

Improve schedule reliability by adjusting segment run-times on all routes

  • Current Route Departures and headways remain the same
  • New times for most intermediate time-points
  • Streamline routes:
    • Route 2 – Discontinue Tom Sawyer Loop
    • Route 3CC – Discontinue Library Extension
    • Route 3CL – Discontinue Library Extension
    • Route 15 – Discontinue Desert Research Institute (DRI) Loop

Begin New RTC RAPID Lincoln Line Service between 4TH STREET STATION and CENTENNIAL PLAZA

Consideration to Implement a Microtransit Pilot Program

The RTC is evaluating the potential for a pilot project to introduce MicroTransit public transit service to our region.

MicroTransit takes advantage of technology similar to that used by transportation network companies (TNCs), such as UBER and LYFT, to provide a public transit alternative.

Since this concept is new to the transit industry there are few real world examples to learn from. RTC has contracted with Translöc, a firm that specializes in helping transit agencies plan and model microtransit in their community, to learn more.

If successful, this project would focus on the North Valleys (Route 17 service area) and northeast downtown Sparks (Route 25 service area – Reed High School extension) as a replacement.

The result of this effort may be a proposal to implement microtransit in the spring 2019.

Fare Reductions Proposed*

* RTC Board Meeting Public Hearing on May 18, 2018

7-Day Pass

  • Lower the cost to be the same per day as a 31-day pass
  • Provides equity for passengers that cannot afford a monthly pass
  • Adult Pass: $19.50 reduced to $14.50
  • Reduced Pass: $9.75 reduced to $6.00

24-Hour Pass

  • Replace with Day Pass, eliminate free transfers
  • Adult Pass: $5.00 reduced to $3.00
  • Reduced Pass: $2.50 reduced to $1.50

31-Day Disabled Pass

  • Discontinue this special pass, combine with 31-Day Reduced Pass
  • Maintains equity with Seniors and youths

Reduce senior fare eligibility

  • Reduce from 65 to 60 years old

ACCESS ID on RIDE cash fare

  • Increase from $0.50 to $0.75

Disabled cash fare

  • Decrease from $1.00 to $0.75

For information and to ask questions:

RTC Project Manager:
Michael Dulude
(775) 335-1904

RTC Customer Service
(775) 348-RIDE (7433)