Share a Ride, Make a Difference


RTC SMART TRIPS, in partnership with Greenride, is pleased to offer a free trip matching program for the Truckee Meadows. RTC TRIP MATCH is a web-based service that uses advanced technology to make finding carpool, bike, walking and bus buddies easy, fast, convenient, and accurate. Enter your traveling preferences and receive the best potential matches back in a matter of seconds.

When you register with RTC TRIP MATCH, you control the personal information that is shown to other travelers, so you know your information is secure. With a click of your mouse you can contact your preferred matches instantly via email to discuss your needs and expectations. You don’t have to carpool, bike, walk or take the bus every day to make an important difference. Start out trying it one or to two days a week and go from there. Every green transportation choice benefits both you and our community.

What does a carpool look like?

Listen to the radio ad “What Does a Carpool Look Like?”.

Submit brief information about your commute and RTC TRIP MATCH will quickly provide possible matches for partners. Click here to continue to the RTC SMART TRIPS website. Also posted online is a carpooling FAQ providing helpful tips for commuters new to carpooling. It is the easiest way to find a ride to work.

If your first visit to the trip matching program provides no matches the first time, please visit again. The database is growing every day, so check back often to look for new matches, added information, and incentive programs for choosing sustainable transportation modes.

If you have lots of matches, consider joining RTC VANPOOL.