Regular Reduced*
Single Ride $2.00 $1.00**
Day Pass $3.00 $1.50

Pre-purchased Passes

Regular Reduced
Single Ride $2.00 $1.00**
Day Pass $3.00 $1.50
7 Day Pass $14.50 $6.00
31 Day Pass $65.00 $32.50

RTC Regional Connector Fares

Regular Reduced
Single Ride $5.00 $2.50
Single Ride w/ Transfer $3.50 $1.50
10-Ride Pass $42.50 $21.25

Fare Policies

    • Reduced fares require an ID when boarding.
    • Children 5 and under ride free with an adult.
    • Over payments are refunded with passes and no cash back is given.
    • Youth are age 6-18 years and all students with current middle or high school ID.
    • Seniors include all persons 60 years of age or over.
    • Disabled includes Medicare.
    • Veterans qualify for reduced fares.
    • * Reduced includes youth, senior, individuals with disabilities, ACCESS ID, US Veterans and Medicare.
    • **75 cent fare for people with disabilities or RTC ACCESS ID

UNR, TMCC Students, DRI and Western Nevada College Faculty and Staff RIDE Free

  • All DRI, University of Nevada, Reno,  Truckee Meadows Community College, Western Nevada College students, faculty and staff RIDE any of RTC’s fixed-route transit for free. Just show your Student ID, Employee ID to the driver to get your free RIDE.
  • Students, faculty and staff have a new, free transportation option. It’s called a ED-Pass for UNR and an ED-Pass for TMCC and they are now able to use their UNR or TMCC IDs to RIDE any of RTC’s fixed-route buses for free as well as the RTC Carson Connector and FlexRIDE. The RTC is excited about this new program and its potential to increase ridership and reduce congestion in our community.

Reduced Fares

RTC RIDE New Reduced Fare Qualifications – Effective September 4, 2018.

  1. All Military Veterans with driver’s license or state ID with Veterans designation or DD form 214 will be qualified for reduced fare. Veterans may also qualify for an RTC Disabled ID card if they possess a VA card showing a service-connected disability.
  2. The Senior reduce fare age of eligibility has been reduced from 65 to 60. If you do not have an RTC RIDE Reduced Fare ID Card you may use any of the following acceptable identification: driver’s license or DMV ID card, Medicare card, student photo ID, valid identification issued by another transit agency, or RTC ACCESS ID card.

Youth, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities may receive discounted fares if valid identification is presented at time of boarding. RTC RIDE reduced fare ID cards are free (replacement cards cost $5.00 each).

Please print and complete the applications above and visit any of the following locations to obtain your optional reduced fare ID card: RTC 4TH STREET STATION (4th and Lake Streets, downtown Reno), 8am -12 pm & 1 pm- 5pm, Mon-Fri; closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.


For more information, please contact RTC Customer Services at 775-348-RIDE (7433), 8am -12 pm & 1 pm- 5pm, Mon-Fri; closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

Paying at the Farebox

RTC RIDE farebox

The RTC RIDE farebox is designed for customer convenience and to validate the payment of a fare. Passes can be either inserted at the top left (see diagram at right) or swiped through at the top right. Primarily, there are two ways in order for a passenger to pay their fare through the farebox:

Payment with Cash

  1. Cash can be accepted into the slot on the right side of the farebox.
  2. Coins can be inserted into the coin trap below the cash slot.
  3. Exact change must be used as the farebox does not produce change, nor does the driver.

Payment with a Smartphone App – Token Transit

RTC transit riders are now able to buy bus passes on their phones and show a digital bus pass on the screen to board!  This new technology is a partnership of Token Transit and the RTC, and eliminates the need for paper passes and visiting a ticket vending machine.  Users simply download the free Token Transit app on their Apple or Android phone, and link it to a credit or debit card.  A digital bus pass display is shown to the driver as the passenger gets on board!  Cash fares and traditional bus passes will continue to be accepted in addition to the new digital passes.

Payment with a Pass

  1. The pass is inserted into the reader located to the right of the coin/cash receptacles. The pass should be inserted with the front of the pass facing the passenger and the top of the pass facing upward.
  2. Insert the pass. The farebox will read it to verify it is a valid pass and then return it back out for the customer to redeem.