Service Change March 6, 2021

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) is enhancing its transit service and changes may affect your RIDE. The RTC is implementing these changes to continue to provide passengers with reliable and on-time service. These changes will improve transit access and passenger travel times to allow for more community-wide connectivity.

The following changes will be effective Saturday, March 6, 2021:

  • RAPID Virginia Line Extension to UNR
    • 4TH STREET STATION Boarding locations
      • UNR at South Island West end
      • Meadowood Mall at South Island East end
  • Routes 4, 6 & 19 boarding locations are now located south side of the south Island at 4TH STREET STATION
  • Route 9 – Now starts and ends at RTC CENTENNIAL PLAZA
  • Timetable adjustments please check your schedule

Route brochures will be available at RTC 4TH STREET STATION and RTC CENTENNIAL PLAZA. The brochures are free to the public and replace the Bus Book, which will be easier to use for the specific routes passengers ride.

All routes and schedules are also available here.