Service Change September 9, 2023

The RTC Board approved the following transit improvements at their June, 2023 Board Meeting. The changes are set to be implemented beginning on September 9, 2023. 

These improvements were recommended by the community and the RTC Board as part of the RTC’s Transit Optimization Plan Strategies (TOPS) to improve transit in Washoe County. The TOPS recommendations are outlined on the RTC’s website. The RTC began rolling out the recommended improvements in 2021. This is year two of the five-year improvement plan and additional improvements are planned to continue as staffing and funding allow.

The RTC will implement the following improvements in September 2023:

Improved Reno Service

  • Route  4 – Adjusted segment run-times
  • Route  5 – Adjusted segment run-times
  • Route  6 – Adjusted segment run-times, removed Lakeside & Lakeside time-point
  • Route 11 – Added two buses, added a few trips, changed routing for Summit Ridge, increase route segment time and a new route update.
  • Route 14 – Adjusted segment run-times, removed Mill & GSR time-point.
  • Route 15 – Adjusted segment run-times
  • Route 16 – Increased headway from 60-minutes to 45-minutes on Weekdays, adjusted segment run-times on Weekdays
  • Route 56 – Filled in mid-day service gap taking service to 30-minutes during peak of day

Other Improvements

  • Regional Connector: Moved time-point to Summit Mall park & ride stop at round-about per survey results.

The RTC continually analyzes its transit operations to maximize resources and improve efficiency to enhance and provide quality customer service to riders. This analysis tracks ridership data, gathers input from the transit operators, and input received from passengers and the public.

New Schedules:

Route 4Route 12Route 56
Route 5Route 14Regional Connector
Route 6Route 15
Route 11Route 16

New Routing Updates: