October 26, 2020

The Vision Zero Truckee Meadows regional task force is reminding the community to use extra caution as we approach the time change on Sunday, November 1, 2020. It will be dark earlier, and statistics show that 80% of pedestrian fatalities occur between dusk and dawn.

As part of the Vision Zero Truckee Meadows task force’s efforts to keep our community safe, the task force is joining a statewide campaign called #Dusk2DawnNV. The campaign is meant to remind the community to take extra precautions to bring the number of pedestrian fatalities in our region to zero.

The task force has partnered with area businesses to post #Dusk2DawnNV safety posters and distribute backpacks with reflectors and reflective wrist slappers. The task force has also partnered with Safe Routes to School to encourage safety for students walking to and from school.

As part of their efforts, the task force is teaming up with University of Nevada, Reno, cheerleaders, local mascots, including the Aces’ Archie, Reno 1868 FC’s Truckee, and the safety crayon to release a video with important safety tips for walking in our community.

• WATCH VIDEO: It’s Dark Earlier. Tips to Keep you Safe.

The video features the following safety tips:
• Stay in well-lit areas.
• Walk with friends.
• Be visible so drivers can see you. Carry a flashlight or reflector.
• Put down your phone. Unless you’re using it as a flashlight!
• Take off your headphones.
• Stay on sidewalks and use marked crosswalks.
• Avoid wearing dark clothing.
• Always be aware of your surroundings and traffic.
• Think twice before you walk at night! When it’s dark, it’s harder for drivers to see you.

Those choosing to celebrate Halloween with traditional trick-or-treating, or those attending events after dark, are reminded to please use extra caution on area roadways.

For more information, visit VisionZeroTruckeeMeadows.com.