June 28, 2019

UNR and TMCC students, faculty and staff have a new, free transportation option as of July 1. It’s called a U-Pass for UNR and an ED-Pass for TMCC and they are now able to use their UNR or TMCC IDs to RIDE any of RTC’s fixed-route buses for free. The RTC is excited about this new program and its potential to increase ridership and reduce congestion in our community.

When you consider the costs of insurance, parking, gas, and vehicle maintenance, taking the bus can really save you some money. Additionally, the RTC anticipates the program could lead to less traffic congestion on campus, better parking due to a reduced number of cars around campus, reduced carbon emissions, and better public transportation awareness and ridership.

New transit riders can visit rtcwashoe.com to plan their trips. They can also call RTC at 775-348-RIDE and customer service agents can help you plan your trip.