September 7, 2018

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County and Lyft are teaming up to provide another option for people to get to Midtown Reno during the transforming Virginia Street construction operations.

Starting today, people can get 50% off their Lyft rideshare trip to Midtown, up to $10 off, using the code RAPID in the promo section of the app. People can also claim this code on Lyft’s website:

The code is valid for trips into the Midtown area within the construction zone. The code is valid for trips originating from anywhere in our community that is outside of the Midtown District.

Valid drop-off locations include anywhere on South Virginia Street between Liberty Street and Plumb Lane, and some additional areas along that corridor. Please see the shaded map below for more precise location details.

How to get to Midtown:

There are more ways to get to Midtown than just on Virginia Street. As part of the project, South Virginia Street from Liberty Street to Plumb Lane is open to southbound traffic only.

Northbound traffic is detoured during construction. The northbound traffic detour on South Virginia starts at Wells Avenue to Vassar Street to Holcomb Avenue or Center Street. Northbound traffic can also detour to Holcomb Avenue to Mt. Rose Street to Plumas Street. Parallel and side streets along Virginia Street in Midtown provide access to all businesses.

About the project:

This more than $80-million investment in our community will create connectivity between Midtown Reno and the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), and will support economic development, enhance safety, and improve livability in the corridor.

The project addresses critical transportation needs including improving transit operations by extending the Virginia Line RAPID transit service to UNR, correcting ADA sidewalk deficiencies, improving traffic operations and beautifying the corridor. Up to 300 trees will be added to the corridor as part of the project.

The project is funded with fuel tax revenue, federal and private funds.

More information:
For more information on the project, transit stops, construction operations, business-support opportunities and more, please visit, text Virginia to 797979, or join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.