June 7, 2021

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County is set to begin construction on phase two of the Bus Stop Improvement and Connectivity Program on Monday, June 14. The annual program improves Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility at existing RTC bus stops.

Improvements are prioritized based on ridership and community needs and include features such as wider concrete pads to accommodate wheelchair access, providing room for future amenities, improving crosswalks and sidewalk connectivity, upgrading pedestrian ramps and driveways, minor traffic signal modifications, and drainage improvements.

Phase two of the project includes crosswalk improvements on Neil Road to improve safety near Pine Middle School and Smithridge Elementary School, as well as bus pad and pedestrian connectivity improvements at 29 bus stop locations throughout Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County, including:

  • Transit stops on both sides of the street at Neil Road and Catalina Drive
  • Transit stops on both sides of the street at Silverada Boulevard and Tybo Avenue
  • East Ninth Street and Sutro Street (near Senior Center)
  • West Seventh Street and Keystone Avenue
  • West Seventh Street & Genoa Avenue
  • Lupin Drive and Seventh Avenue
  • Lupin Drive and Sixth Avenue
  • Lakeside Drive and Brinkby Avenue
  • North Virginia Street near the Planetarium
  • North Virginia Street and Wellington Way
  • Stead Boulevard and Mount Anderson Street
  • Neil Road and East Moana Lane
  • Locust Street and Capitol Hill Avenue
  • Locust Street and Crampton Street (Near VA Hospital)
  • Victorian Avenue and Stanford Way
  • Sky Valley Drive and Mistyridge Lane
  • El Rancho Drive and Clinton Court
  • Double Diamond Parkway & Sandhill Road
  • Meredith Way and Kleppe Lane
  • Industrial Way and Greg Street
  • North Virginia at Care Center
  • East Eighth Avenue and Lupin Drive
  • Victorian Avenue and Third Street
  • South Virginia Street and Meadowood Mall Way
  • Lear Boulevard and Moya Boulevard
  • York Way and Pyramid Way
  • Fourth Street and Morrill Avenue

Drivers can anticipate minor lane closures during the construction process. Transit users may need to use alternate or temporary stops during construction.

The project is expected to be complete in October 2021.

This project represents an investment of $1,870,444 in our community funded with fuel tax funds.