August 23, 2017


 The 2017 RTC RIDE service change is effective Sunday, September 3rd and will improve and enhance the region’s public transit service with available funding sources. Major changes include increasing service on Route 13 which serves the Veterans Administration Medical Center. This route will now operate every 30 minutes (currently every 60 minutes) on weekdays from 8 am to 4:45 pm and will serve veterans more effectively. Route 2s, which serves the Washoe County Senior Center on 9th Street in Reno, will have its hours shifted from the morning and afternoons to mid-day to better serve seniors.Route 18x will be discontinued as a result of low ridership and because it duplicates service provided by Route 18.  Unproductive midday peak service on Route 14 will be reduced from 15 minutes to 30-minutes. The hours saved  from Routes 14 and 18X will be reallocated to Route 13.  Minor schedule changes to other routes to improve service reliability will also be implemented. All RIDE service changes effective on September 3rd will have no impact on the budget.


The new Bus Books will be available on Wednesday, August 23, and can be purchased for 50 cents. The new bus schedule will be available on-line on Sunday, September 3rd. The following is an outline of the service change effective September 3rd:

Route 1 – Re-interlined with Route 7 (weekdays only / late evening times adjusted)

Route 2s – Will operate from 9:47 am to 4:49 pm

Route 5 – Line of Route Change (Outbound: Sutro to Selmi to Clear Acre; Inbound: Clear Acre to Selmi to Sutro)

Route 6 – Time-point change, Inbound to Lakeside Dr & Lakeside Ct (formerly Lakeside & Moana)

Route 7 – Re-interlined with Route 1 (weekdays only) / Time-point to Echo & Moya

Route 9 – Re-interlined with Route 12 (weekdays only / late evening times adjusted)

Route 12 – Re-interlined with Route 9 (weekdays only)

Route 13 – 30 minute service between 8 am to 4 pm on weekdays

Route 14 – Discontinue Peak Service between 1:30 pm and 3:45 pm (15 minute service will now be 30 minute service)

Route 18x – Discontinued (3CL no longer interlined with 18x)

Route 56 – Moved to :00 & :30 departures at Meadowood Mall Transfer Station (NOTE: Entire schedule shifted 6 minutes later for weekday, Saturday & Sunday)


For information please visit the RTC Public Transportation page on the website or call RTC Customer Service at (775) 348-RIDE (7433).