The proposed enhancements include: wider sidewalks, new bike lanes and extending RAPID bus service north to UNR with new transit stations and intersection improvements. The project is also intended to better connect the University to Downtown Reno and Downtown to points south including Midtown. The extension of RTC RAPID would eliminate the need for a transfer at RTC 4TH STREET STATION to UNR, saving travelers’ valuable time. The project will also support economic growth and redevelopment along Virginia Street and throughout the region. Additionally, it will help create a safer community that is accessible to everyone under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The RTC invited the community to provide comments and ideas on the future of Virginia Street as part of the Virginia Street Bus RAPID Transit Extension Project. Two meetings were held for the public to review preliminary designs for Virginia Street. The designs featured proposed improvements for Virginia Street from Maple Street to 15th Street near the University of Nevada, Reno and from Liberty Street to Plumb Lane in Midtown.

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UNR Project Area
UNR North Roundabout
UNR Alternative 1
UNR Alternative 2
UNR Alternative 3
Midtown Project Area
Midtown Cross Sections