The South Virginia Street TOD Study’s purpose is to envision the future extension of the Virginia Line Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service to South Reno and develop the land use planning tools that will encourage a walkable, transit‐supportive development pattern that meets the growth and development needs of the region. The study will focus on identifying optimal land use policies that will enhance economic development and facilitate connectivity and accessibility.


What is Transit Oriented Development?

Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is a form of city planning that is focused on creating vibrant and pedestrian-oriented communities. This is done through the creation of mixed-use developments, walkable infrastructure, and availability of public transportation options in order to reduce dependency on cars as the sole mode of transportation. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) and its partners have utilized TOD to improve the transit options for Nevadans across Reno, Sparks and Washoe County; we are currently seeking public input and feedback on TOD options for the South Virginia Street Corridor to inform future planning efforts.

View Content and Provide Feedback

The South Virginia Street Transit Oriented Development (SVTOD) Study is seeking to build community consensus around land use and infrastructure to create a sense of place and to allow an extension of the RTC’s bus rapid transit (BRT) service to succeed in south Reno.

The public is invited to check out details of the Study’s progress and provide feedback. A graphic-rich story map covering the corridor’s history, existing conditions, and potential future scenarios will provide context for this project. View the story map here.

In person public workshops are scheduled to provide the public with a first-hand look at the project, ask questions, and provide instant feedback.
Details of the first set of public workshops are below:

  • June 5, 2023 from 11am – 2pm: Meadowood Mall (Inside, near Macy’s South, Keva Juice and See’s Candies)
  • June 5, 2023 from 3pm – 6pm: Tamarack Casino (Banquet Room)

An online survey gives the public an opportunity to share a little about themselves and their commute habits, while providing input on desired changes and future scenarios. The survey is coming soon and will be posted to this page when available. Once posted, the survey will be active through the end of June.

Reach out to the project team directly at

Study Report:
South Virginia Street TOD Study Scope of Services

Project Manager:
Graham Dollarhide, RTC Senior Technical Planner