Corridor Studies

RTC University-Area Transportation Study

The goal of the RTC University-Area Transportation Study is to improve connectivity, safety, mobility, and access for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, and auto drivers as development occurs south of the UNR campus. The project includes the study of multimodal transportation and the roadway operations in the area surrounding and within the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) campus. This study considers the current- and future-development plans slated to occur on or near the UNR campus within the study area in the coming years and will identify needed connectivity, safety, and access improvements for alternative-transportation modes on regional roads within the study...

Affordable Housing Study

Affordable housing continues to be an important issue in our region. Our community is growing so quickly that finding affordable housing continues to be a challenge for many of our neighbors. Having affordable housing near transit stops helps people have access to essential services and enhances their quality of life. The RTC Affordable Housing Study will look at ways to encourage developers to build affordable housing near existing transit routes. The study will identify locations near transit that would be ideal for affordable housing. The RTC will then work with its regional partners and the development community to potentially develop...

South Meadows Multimodal Transportation Study

The South Meadows Multimodal Transportation Study identifies needs and alternate transportation improvements for regional roads in the South Meadows area. The study focuses on traffic operations, safety, pedestrian, and bicycle connectivity and transit service needs. STUDY REPORT: South Meadows Multimodal Transportation Study Report (4/17/20) Report Appendix (04/17/2020) MEETING AND PRESENTATION INFORMATION: South Meadows Multimodal Transportation Study Scope of Work South Meadows Study Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes (1/31/2019) Public Meeting #1 Display Boards (3/26/2019) Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Presentation (6/3/2019) Public Meeting #2 Display Boards (11/05/2019) South Meadows Public Meeting #2 Presentation (11/05/2019) PROJECT MANAGER: Dr. Xuan Wang, RTC Senior...

Virginia Street Corridor Study

The purpose of this study is to conduct a multimodal analysis (pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile) for potential transportation improvements on Virginia Street that can also support economic development efforts within the corridor.

Oddie Boulevard Corridor Study

The purpose of this study was to identify multimodal transportation (bicycle, pedestrian, transit and auto) issues and solutions in the corridor, which can help to facilitate a move livable, safer, and more vibrant community in the Truckee Meadows.