November 2, 2019 12:00 am

Schedule adjustments for improved efficiency & schedules

  • Weekday time points
  • How buses are interlined every day of the week
  • Refer to Bus Book for schedules

Weekday route changes

  • Route 9 will change to serve the Battle Born Way/Kietzke Lane corridor from Prater Way to the southern end of Kietzke Lane. Route 9 will no longer serve 4TH STREET STATION or Meadowood Mall.
  • Route 12 will now depart at the hour and half-hour on weekdays; Sundays now depart at the half-hour.
  • Routes 25 and 26 will be combined and shortened to Iron Horse Shopping Center, and is now the Route 25 and runs every half-hour on the hour and half hour.
  • RTC FlexRIDE will serve the east side of McCarran Blvd., previously served by Routes 25 and 26.

NEW FlexRIDE service

A curb-to-curb microtransit service will launch in some areas of Sparks previously served by Routes 25 and 26. Hailing a FlexRIDE is done by using the Transloc® app on your smartphone or tablet, calling a dispatcher, or using a computer. Schedule your ride at your desired travel time and can be expected to arrive to the curbside closest to your location within 8 to 15 minutes. Fares will be the same as the standard RTC RIDE fares.  For more information visit RTC FlexRIDE.


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