RTC Project No. 247005

RTC Project Manager (PM)
Andrew V. Jayankura, P.E.
(775) 332-2139

RTC Engineering Department
(775) 348-0171
(775) 348-0170 fax

Design Firm:  In House / Local Agencies / UNR-CATER

Construction Contractor: NA

The Signal Timing 5 project is the latest in a series of projects to help local agencies retime traffic signals in the region.  The goal of the project is to time a 1/3 of the signals each year in three-year cycles.  For 2019, the project is in its last year.  It is planned that nine (9) corridors, roughly 100 intersections, will have new timing implemented.  In the process, reevaluation of the clearance intervals and pedestrian crossing times will be performed at each intersection to comply with current standards.  The project is funded through the Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ) program.  The schedule of work for a typical corridor consists of the following:

  •  Collect traffic & signal data
  •  Input timings into model and evaluate existing signal timing
  •  Develop new timing and implement in the field
  •  Fine-tune timing, and conducting before-after studies.

The following is a tentative list for new timing to be implemented in 2019.

  • S Meadows Pkwy (5 Signals) – S Virginia St to Double R Blvd
  • E McCarran Blvd (14 Signals) – Greg St to Probasco Wy, including Greg St @ Stanford & Spice Island
  • S Virginia St (19 Signals) – Mt Rose St to SB I-580 off-ramp (by In-n-Out)
  • Moana Ln (4 Signals) – Kietzke Ln to Neil Rd
  • Plumb Ln (4 Signals) – Kietzke Ln to Terminal
  • El Rancho Dr (5 Signals) – Victorian Ave to Greenbrae
  • Prater Way (8 Signals) – Galletti Way to 12th St
  • Sutro St (8 Signals) – Ryland Ave to E 9th St
  • Oddie Blvd (9 Signals) – Sutro St to Rock Blvd
  • Isolated Intersections (124 Signals) – Various Signals in the Region


  • North Downtown Area Signals (8 Signals) – Maple St, 8th St, 9th St – New Timing under testing/implementation.
  • Sun Valley Blvd (6 Signals) – El Rancho/Dandini to 7th St – New Timing Plans under design.
  • Prater Wy (8 Signals) – Galletti Wy to 12th St – New Timing plans completed, to implement in January.

Completed Corridors as of December 2018

  • Vista Blvd (9 Signals) – EB I-80 to S Los Altos Blvd
  • Wells Ave (8 Signals) – Ryland Ave to E 9th St
  • Sparks Blvd (9 Signals) – EB I-80 to N Los Altos Blvd
  • N McCarran Blvd (7 Signals) – Sutro St to Sullivan Ln
  • Clear Acre Ave (4 Signals) – N McCarran Blvd to Scottsdale Rd
  • Kietzke Ln (8 Signals) – 2nd St to Peckham Ln
  • Mill St (4 Signals) – Kietzke Ln to Terminal Way
  • W McCarran Blvd (8 Signals) – Plumb Ln to W 7th St
  • Mae Anne Ave (3 Signals) – W. McCarran Blvd to Sierra Highlands
  • S McCarran Blvd (23 Signals) – (Greensboro to Mill St) Kietzke Ln (S Virginia St to Sierra Rose), Virginia St (Kietzke Ln to S McCarran Blvd), and Peckham Ln & Longley Ln intersection.
  • Pyramid Way (13 Signals) – Nugget Ave to Lazy 5, including McCarran Blvd @ Rock & 4th.
  • Downtown Reno – (45 signals)+
  • Damonte Ranch Pkwy (7 Signals) – Double R Blvd to Zolezzi Ln
  • Keystone Ave (7 Signals) – W 7th St to W 1st St
  • Rock Blvd (9 Signals) – Greg St to Prater Wy.
    Total Signals Re-Timed:  164

Planning:  N/A
Environmental: N/A
Preliminary Design: On going
Final Design: On Going
Construction:  Spring 2017 to Winter 2019

Total Project Estimate:  $1,000,000
Amount Approved:  $1,000,000
Funding Source: Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ), RTC Fuel Tax

Post updated on: January 25, 2019