RTC Project No. 8131024

RTC Project Manager (PM)
Andrew V. Jayankura, P.E., PTOE, RSP1
(775) 332-2139

RTC Engineering Department
(775) 348-0171
(775) 348-0170 fax

Design Firm: In House / Local Agencies / UNR-CATER

Construction Constractor: N/A

The Signal Timing 6 project is the start of the new three-year signal timing cycle. Signals completed under signal timing 5 will be re-evaluated, and re-timed to accommodate the changes in traffic demands. The goal of the project is to continue to re-timing of a 1/3 of the signals each year, and to expand signal timing plans to include weekends, holidays and special event plans if possible. The schedule of work for a typical corridor consists of the following:

• Collect traffic & signal data
• Input timings into model and evaluate existing signal timing
• Develop new timing and implement in the field
• Fine-tune timing, and conducting before-after studies.

The following is a tentative list for timing to be implemented in 2020:

• Left over signals still needs to be completed from Signal Timing 5:
• Moana Lane (4 Signals) – Kietzke Lane to Neil Road
• Plumb Lane (4 Signals) – Kietzke Lane to Terminal
• Isolated Intersections (111 signals left) – Completed

Corridors in bold are expected to be retimed in 2020:
Vista Blvd (9 Signals) – EB I-80 to S Los Altos Blvd
• Wells Avenue (8 Signals) – Ryland Avenue to E 9th Street
• Sparks Blvd (9 Signals) – EB I-80 to N Los Altos Blvd
• N McCarran Blvd (7 Signals) – Sutro St to Sullivan Lane
• Clear Acre Avenue (4 Signals) – N McCarran Blvd to Scottsdale Road
• Kietzke Lane (8 Signals) – 2nd St to Peckham Lane
• Mill Street (4 Signals) – Kietzke Lane to Terminal Way
• W McCarran Blvd (8 Signals) – Plumb Lane to W 7th Street
• Mae Anne Avenue (3 Signals) – W McCarran Blvd to Sierra Highlands
• S McCarran Blvd (23 Signals) – (Greensboro to Mill St) Kietzke Lane (S Virginia Street to Sierra Rose), Virginia Street (Kietzke Lane to S McCarran Blvd), and Peckham Lane & Longley Lane intersection.
• Pyramid Way (13 Signals) – Nugget Avenue to Lazy 5, including McCarran Blvd @ Rock & 4th.
• Downtown Reno (45 Signals)
• Damonte Ranch Pkwy (7 Signals) – Double R Blvd to Zolezzi Lane
• Keystone Avenue (7 Signals) – W 7th Street to W 1st Street
• Rock Blvd (9 Signals) – Greg Street to Prater Way.
• North Downtown Area Signals (8 Signals) – Maple Street, 8th St., 9th Street
• Spanish Springs Isolation Signals (13 Signals)
• Sun Valley Blvd (6 Signals) – El Rancho/Dandini to 7th Avenue.
• Prater Way (8 Signals) – Galletti Way to 12th Street
• Sparks Isolated Intersections (27 Signals) – Various Locations
• Damonte/Steamboat (4 Signals) – From Damonte/Promenade to Veterans/Steamboat
• Keystone/California Area (3 Signals)
• E McCarran Blvd (13 Signals) – Glendale Avenue to Probasco Way
• Sutro Street (12 Signals) – Ryland Avenue to E 9th Street, including: Kuenzli/Locust, 2nd/Manuel, Ryland/Locust, Ryland/Mill
• S Virginia Street (11 Signals) –Meadowood Mall Way to SB I-580 off-ramp (by In-n-Out)
• Neil Road Interchange and Meadowood Mall Way Interchange

Next corridors for signal timing (estimated late September):
Sparks Blvd (10 Signals) – Greg Street to North Los Altos Parkway
S. Virginia St (12 Signals) – Vassar St to Peckham Lane
Plumb Ln (6 Signals) – Arlington Ave to Kirman Ave.

Planning: N/A
Environmental: N/A
Preliminary Design: On going
Final Design: On going
Construction: Spring 2020 to Summer 2023

Total Project Estimate: $1,500,000
Funding Source: RTC Fuel Tax

Post updated on:  September 28, 2020