RTC Project No. 542035

RTC Project Manager (PM)
Blaine Petersen, P.E., PTOE
(775) 335-1871

RTC Engineering Department
(775) 348-0171
(775) 348-0170 fax

Design Firm:  Traffic Works

Construction Contractor:  Titan Electrical

The scope of this project includes:

New Traffic Signal:
Prater at Lillard

Removal of Pedestrian Scramble:
Victorian at 11th & 14th

Battery Backup Systems:
Sparks at Springland / O’Callahan

New Signal Cabinet, Detection Loops and Battery Backup System:
Prater at Howard (new cabinet and remove split phase)
Prater at Pullman and Vista
Vista at Whitewood
Virginia at 9th
South Meadows at I-580 southbound off ramp (add cabinet to west intersection)
Mill at Wells (add loops north and south legs)

Replace Old Video Detection System:
Pyramid at Golden View
Mt Rose at Wedge
South Meadows at Double R
Longley at Maestro
Longley at Patriot
Virginia at Grove

Construction of the traffic signal at Prater and Lillard was completed June 2018.  Construction of the remaining intersections (Package 2) was completed June 1, 2019.

Planning: Complete Spring 2017
Environmental: N/A
Preliminary Design: September 2017 to December 2017
Final Design:  December 2017 to March 2018
Construction:  July 2018  to May 2019

Total Project Estimate:  $2,200,000
Amount Approved:  $2,000,000
Funding Source: Regional Road Impact Fee (RRIF)

Post updated on:  July 26, 2019