RTC Project No. 512014

RTC Project Manager (PM)
Maria Paz Fernandez, P.E.
(775) 335-1861

Design Firm: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Construction Contractor: to be determined

This project consists of studying and developing alternatives for the Sun Valley Blvd Corridor based on the findings shown in the Corridor Study performed and approved in 2015 by RTC. This Complete Streets project includes safety improvements to several modes of transportation such as sidewalks, bike lanes, comfortable and accessible public transportation stops, frequent and safe crossing opportunities, median islands, accessible pedestrian signals, curb extensions, narrower travel lanes, and more.

100% Design Plans were submitted to Washoe County for review. The limits of the project are between 7th Avenue and Highland Ranch Parkway.

A “virtual” Public Meeting is scheduled for April 8, and it will be available at the website.

Construction is tentatively scheduled to start this June.

Visit for more information about the project, provide comments, and to sign up for updates.

Planning: Complete 2015
Preliminary Design: Winter 2019
Final Design: Spring 2020
Construction: Summer 2020

Total Project Estimate:

Amount Approved: $1,550,000.00
Funding Source: RTC Fuel Tax

Currently the amount approved is for the Preliminary Engineering (PE) phase only.

Post updated on:  March 27,2020