RTC Project No. 0227002

RTC Project Manager (PM)
Amanda Callegari, P.E.
(775) 335-1881

RTC Engineering Department
(775) 348-0171

Design Firm: Parametrix. Inc.

Construction Contractor: To be determined

The improvements to the Pyramid Way and Sparks Boulevard/Highland Ranch Intersection, including converting the existing at-grade intersection into a new grade-separated interchange. This project includes intermediate design of the interchange and preliminary design of connector (new road) between Pyramid Way/Sparks and US 395.

Preliminary design is anticipated to begin in October 2023. This project involves providing sixty percent level design for the Pyramid/Sparks Interchange as well as preliminary (thirty percent) design of the Connector (the new roadway from Pyramid Highway to US 395), identified as Phase 3 in the draft phasing plan of the FEIS. A packaging plan and phasing evaluation will be conducted for the overall Pyramid Highway/US 395 Connector project to better address potential funding availability for construction implementation. Traffic modeling and analysis will be utilized in a scenario approach to support the packaging and phasing effort alongside public involvement and a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compatibility review.

Planning: N/A
Environmental: NEPA FEIS Complete 2018
Preliminary Design: Begins Fall 2023
Final Design: 2025 – 2026
Construction: 2027

Total Project Estimate:
Funding Source: Federal


Post updated on: September 6, 2023

Pyramid Way, Sparks Boulevard, Highland Ranch Intersection Map