RTC Project No. 512012

RTC Project Manager (PM)
Blaine Petersen, P.E.
(775) 335-1871

RTC Engineering Department
(775) 348-0171
(775) 348-0170 fax

Design Firm:  Headway Transportation

Construction Contractor:
Package 1 – Sierra Nevada Construction
Package 2 – Titan Electrical Contractors, Inc.
Package 3 – Sierra Nevada Construction

This project will construct some of the needed improvements to both pedestrian safety and intersection efficiency identified in the North Valleys Corridor study.

Package 1 (2016) includes pedestrian improvements at four locations on Stead Boulevard, Silver Lake Road, Sky Vista Parkway and Lemmon Drive and intersection geometric improvements at N Virginia Street and Golden Valley Road to accommodate truck turning movements.

Package 2 (2017) is complete, including the installation of signals and intersection improvements at Lemmon Drive/US 395 and Red Rock Road/Moya Boulevard.

Package 3 (2018) is advertised for a new signal at the Lemmon Drive/N Virginia Street intersection.

Package 3B (2019) is in final design and includes minor lane widening at Business 395 (N Virginia Street and BUS 395) intersection.  Bus stop and connectivity improvements with associated drainage improvements will also be addressed.

Package 1   Construction is complete.

Package 2   Construction is complete.

Package 3   Construction began July 24, 2019, the contract was awarded to Sierra Nevada Construction including the new signal at the Lemmon Drive/N. Virginia Street intersection.  Underground work is completed.  Signal equipment scheduled to arrive November 2019.

Package 3B  Design is at the 90 percent stage with construction anticipated for fall 2019.

Planning: Complete February 2017
Environmental: N/A
Preliminary Design: Complete Spring 2017
Final Design:  Complete Spring/ Summer 2019
Construction:  2016 to 2020

Total Project Estimate: $5,136,500
Amount Approved: $5,136,500
Funding Source: RTC Fuel Tax, Regional Road Impact Fee (RRIF)

Post updated on:  September 26, 2019