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Judy Tortelli, P.E.
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RTC Engineering Department
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Design Firm: Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Construction Contractor: to be determined

The RTC, in cooperation with the City of Reno, a major stakeholder, and other local agencies, is conducting a feasibility and conceptual alternatives analysis to determine options for the rehabilitation or replacement of the two Arlington Avenue Bridges at the Truckee River. The bridges, roadway and Wingfield Park, which they access, are owned by the City of Reno.

This river crossing has served the city for nearly a century. The park, the Truckee and the surrounding area have evolved, and the bridges have been widened, repaired, and modified multiple times. The bridges show signs of wear resulting from these various modifications, as well as their age, and repeated exposure to flood events.

While considering current flood protection requirements, this study will also determine the environmental, community and economic constraints of rehabilitating and/or reconstructing the bridges. The overall goal, at this stage, is to identify a bridge type and aesthetic package, as well as funding options and environmental limitations, to carry forward into design.

A Fact Sheet, Map of the Project area, and other information are available for download below:
Fact Sheet
Target Schedule
TRAction Visioning Project (City of Reno 2009)
TRAction Visioning Project (Appendices): Appendix A    Appendix B    Appendix C    Appendix D    Appendix E    Appendix F    Appendix G
Appendix H1    Appendix H2    Appendix H3    Appendix H4    Appendix I    Appendix J

December 12, 2019 Public Kick-off Meeting 
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Conceptual Renderings

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The project team is currently gathering information about the existing bridges and infrastructure. Completion of the feasibility and alternatives analysis portion of the project is anticipated by the end of 2020. Our first Stakeholder Working Group meeting was held February 6, 2020. This study is funded by the RTC. The schedule and funding for the construction of the project have not been determined.

Planning: December 2018 to December 2020
Environmental: January 2021 to December 2023
Preliminary Design: June 2022 to December 2024
Final Design: Winter 2025
Construction: Winter 2026

Total Project Estimate (Planning, Design, NEPA and Construction): $25,500,000
Amount Approved: $1,000,000
Funding Source: RTC Fuel Tax

Post updated on: June 29, 2020