This page contains maps of the alternatives that were considered and evaluated for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Please see the Alternatives Analysis History page for information on the alternative screening process and how the alternatives were identified. The DEIS fully evaluated these alternatives including their impact to the human and natural environment. A preferred alternative was selected following publication of the DEIS for public, stakeholder, and agency review. The preferred alternative will be selected by the FHWA in cooperation with NDOT, RTC, the studys cooperating and participating agencies, and the input of the public and stakeholders.

General Maps

Alternative Alignment Combined Map
Elements Common to All Description
US 395 Interchange Detail
Sparks Blvd to Eagle Canyon Detail
Eagle Canyon to Calle de la Plata Detail
Disc Drive Detail

Alternative Specific Maps

Alternative 1 Description
Alternative 1 Overview
Alternative 1 Sun Valley Detail
Alternative 1 Pyramid Corridor Detail

Alternative 2 Description
Alternative 2 Overview
Alternative 2 Sun Valley Detail
Alternative 2 Pyramid Corridor Detail

Alternative 3 Description
Alternative 3 Overview
Alternative 3 Sun Valley Detail
Alternative 3 Pyramid Corridor Detail

Alternative 4 Description
Alternative 4 Overview
Alternative 4 Sun Valley Detail
Alternative 4 Pyramid Corridor Detail