The NEW enhanced Route 9 will directly connect customers from Prater/El Rancho Lincoln Line Station to Neil Rd. utilizing Battle Born/Kietzke Lane Through the RTC Rapid Virginia Line.

The RTC Route 9 will no longer service RTC 4th Street Station
or Meadowood Mall.

Customers will be able to connect to the Rapid Virginia Line without coming to Downtown Reno from

Please note the listed transfer points to connect to and from the Route 9;
➢ Route 1, Rapid Virginia Line to midtown and Meadowood Mall at Peckham Station.
➢ Route 6 to Lake Side and Arlington at Peckham Lane.
➢ Route 13 to the VA or Shoppers Square at Grove Street.
➢ Route 14 to the Renown or Corporate Blvd.
➢ Route 12, 18 are the mid-route connection to 4th Street Station and Glendale Ave.
➢ Route 11, LL to 4th Street and Sparks Station AT El Rancho Station on Prater.