Due to construction, the following stops on the Virginia Rapid will be closed:

Virginia Rapid  INBOUNDS Virginia & Holcomb Ave  (Closed until further notice) **The S Center & Burns stop has been located on the west side of Holcomb Ave across from the Center St stop.

You can catch the route Virginia Rapid INBOUND at S Virginia at Century Park OR the temp stop on Holcomb at Center St.


The following stops on the route 1 will be closed:

Route 1  INBOUNDS Virginia & Holcomb Ave, S Virginia & W Arroyo St, S Virginia & S Center St,  S Virginia & E Taylor St, S Virginia & Thoma St, S Virginia & California Ave, S Virginia & W Liberty.  (Closed until further notice)

You can catch the route 1 INBOUND at S Virginia & S Wells Ave OR S Center St & Ryland St.


We apologize for the inconvenience!

For further information please use the attached link rtcwashoe.wpengine.com or please call the RTC Customer Service at 775-348-7433.