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Moana Lane

Moana Lane Widening Project

The project was completed in November 2012 -- approximately 6 weeks ahead of schedule. Moana Lane has been widened from four to six lanes from Baker Lane (one block west of Virginia Street) to the I-580 (U.S. 395) ramps. Properties were acquired by the RTC, tenants relocated, buildings demolished, and utililties relocated in advance of the roadway construction that started in June 2012. 

The Moana Lane project was one of many identified as a priority for acceleration in the education outreach conducted for RTC-5, the motor vehicle fuel tax ballot question approved by voters in 2008. The purpose of the project was to reduce existing congestion, increase safety and provide future capacity for this important resort corridor that connects I-580 to Virginia Street.

Project funding was made possible through the Regional Road Impact Fees program and RTC-5. The RTC Board approved $36 million for the project. This project created an estimated 215 direct and indirect construction jobs in the region, putting Nevadans back to work.  
During construction, information regarding the road construction schedule, phasing, and traffic control was provided to stakeholders through various communication tools by the RTC and its contractor, including public notices, meetings and a project website "KeepMoanaRolling.com".   

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) substantially completed the construction of a Diverging Diamond Interchange at the Moana / I-580 Interchange in November 2012. Information on this project may be found on the NDOT website www.nevadadot.com.