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The Role of RTC Engineering

After RTC has received the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement which gives the RTC the authorization to act as an agent for local governments, the RTC Engineering Department's role is to:

  • Acquire property necessary for public right-of-way and easements; 
  • Hire an engineering firm to design the project according to RTC specifications and prepare the project for competitive bidding by construction contractors;
  • Direct the bidding process and award contracts to the lowest responsible bidder;
  • Manage the contract, oversee quality assurance of all materials and services, and coordinate the entire project on a day-to-day basis. 

Communication is Key

Before, during and after road construction, RTC engineers and the contractor communicate with the nearby residents and businesses to inform them of the project and any effects it may have on them. Following is the sequence of notifications: 

  • RTC's road project managers offer to present project details at Citizens Advisory Boards (CABs) and Neighborhood Advisory Boards (NABs) meetings.
  • RTC provides written notification to owners and occupants of property that is immediately adjacent to, or has their only access from, the street to be improved.  The notification includes names and direct telephone numbers of the project managers.
  • During the design and before construction, RTC holds public information meetings.
  • For more personalized interactions, RTC project managers typically hand deliver notices of the public meetings to property owners and occupants abutting the project to discuss the specifics of the project at that particular site.
  • Prior to actual construction, RTC and its contractors mail notices to affected residents and businesses and to various public officials. Once construction begins, RTC requires the contractors to deliver additional notices to all residents directly affected by the project and to all emergency service providers.
  • Approximately 18 to 24 hours prior to beginning construction in front of any property, the contractor is required to hand deliver notices identifying the start of any construction affecting access.
  • Prior to beginning construction, RTC typically installs project signs at the outside limits of the project, identifying it as an RTC project as well as the project streets. In addition to normal construction traffic control signs, RTC often requires the contractor to provide variable message sign boards at strategically visible locations prior to and during the construction period to alert all motorists of construction activities.
  • Throughout the construction phase, RTC provides a Traffic Control Report, which can be accessed online. Project engineers are always available by phone for assistance should it be needed.