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Service Area

Before you apply for RTC ACCESS eligibility –
Review the map to the left. Click to enlarge.

The white area in the center of the map is the ADA service area and RTC ACCESS will accommodate requests for trips that begin and end within that white ADA service area, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) paratransit regulations.

The light gray area (including Cold Springs, Spanish Springs, Verdi, Hidden Valley, etc.) is the Non-ADA service area where RTC ACCESS trips are more difficult to obtain. If your trips start and/or end outside the ADA service area RTC ACCESS may not be able to accommodate your ride requests. Regretfully, due to funding shortages, RTC ACCESS service has been reduced outside the ADA service area.

There is no RTC ACCESS service in the dark gray area.

To verify service to an address or for other questions, please call 775-348-0400. 

For hearing or speech assistance with your call, contact Relay Nevada at 1-800-326-6868 (TTY, VCO, HCO).