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The Citizens Advisory Committee meets on the 1st  Wednesday of the month at 5:30 pm in the RTC Board Room, 2050 Villanova Drive, Reno.

Meeting Cancelled:  December 3, 2015


Next Meeting:  January 7, 2015

Wednesday, October 1, 2014  Agenda     Agenda Packet

Item 1  Approval of Agenda (For Possible Action)

Item 2  Public Comment

Item 3  Approval of September 3, 2014 Meeting Minutes (For Possible Action)

Item 4  Nevada Department of Transportation Quarterly Report (For Possible Action)

Item 5  Discussion and Recommendation on the Coordinated Human Services Public Transportation Plan (For Possible Action)

Item 6  Discussion and Recommendation on the Keystone Avenue Corridor Study (For Possible Action)

Item 7  Discussion and Recommendation on the Sun Valley Boulevard Corridor Study  (For Possible Action)

Item 8  Member Items

Item 9 Reports (written reports only unless Committee wishes discussion)

               a.  RTC Board Minutes
               b.  Engineering Dept Monthly Report
               c.  Public Transportation/Operations Dept Monthly Report
               d.  Planning Dept Report

Item 10   Agenda Items for Future CAC Meetings (For Possible Action)

Item 11  RTC Staff Items

Item 12  Public Comment

Item 13  Adjournment (For Possible Action)